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I hate Christmas. In general I hate any time of year that has forced traditions to it, or where you need to make plans far in advance and are a loser if you don’t participate. Things like Carnival, New Years, and Christmas.

Since moving to Germany Christmas has become worse, as the Germans take Christmas way too seriously. Where before it was just a matter of taking a train down south, having dinner and going back home the next day. Now Christmas involves raclet, presents for everyone, and singing around a tree. YES, THEY SING AROUND THE TREE!

Berlin is deserted around Christmas, as everyone goes back home, and there are barely any native Berliners. So every Berliner goes back to the Ruhrgebied, Freiburg, Aachen, Dublin, Viborg, Bremen, Durban, the Midlands, Antwerpen, Susztra, California, Illinois, Riga, and Barcelona. …


LJ Kessels

Writer. Philosopher. Cultural Animal. (Dis)functional on a multilingual level.

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